Buy charity boxed Christmas cards all year round

Charity boxed Christmas cards are a beautiful way to send heartfelt greetings while supporting causes close to your heart. From animal welfare to environmental protection, children's charities to healthcare initiatives, we are sure to have a charity boxed Christmas card for you.

By purchasing a box, you're not just sending a card, you're making a direct contribution to a worthy organisation, making your greetings truly impactful.

Now, early in the year, is a perfect time to buy charity boxed Christmas cards. We have a wonderful range, supporting many charities.

These charity boxed Christmas card sets feature beautiful designs created by talented artists, photographers and others. They come in various styles, from traditional and elegant to modern and whimsical, ensuring you find cards that perfectly reflect your taste and personality. You'll be sending beautiful greetings while supporting a cause you believe in, making each card extra special.

Here at MyOrnaments we are grateful to support so many Australian charities and to offer many cards featuring Australian artists. We are a local Australian business engaged with the local community. Buying these cards helps you show your support and connection with many different charities.

When choosing your boxed Christmas cards you can buy by design, by charity or some other choice process that suits you. Once you place your order, we put it together, package it and send it to you with care. It means you can get a head start on planning sharing warm wishes for Christmas, well ahead of the business of the season.

At My Ornaments, we have a curated selection of charity boxed Christmas cards, partnering with various Australian charities. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Beyond Blue: Send festive greetings while supporting mental health awareness with cards designed by Australian artists.
  • Peter Mac Cancer Foundation: Spread festive cheer and hope with cards featuring uplifting messages and vibrant designs.
  • Starlight Children's Foundation: Bring joy to hospitalized children with cheerful and playful card designs that benefit a wonderful cause.
  • Kids Helpline: Support vital services for young people in need with beautifully illustrated cards that make a difference.
  • And many more!

By buying boxed Christmas cards you buy cards at a low cost per card, which can help you stretch your budget further.

If sending Christmas cards is important to you, shopping now for charity boxed Christmas cards gives you a head start, an opportunity to plan, be ready and free time later in the year for more Christmas spirit activities.

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