Hallmark Keepsake collectors loving the 2024 range

Hallmark Keepsake collectors loving the 2024 range

Hallmark Keepsake collectors are telling us they are loving the 2024 Keepsake range that is now available for wish list preview here at www.myornaments.com.au

We have worked hard to access as many 2024 Hallmark Keepsakes as we can, to serve our community of collectors and those collecting for the first time.

When it comes time to ship, we take great care. We're a local small business. Everything we do is personal, for you. This sets us apart from a big faceless warehouse run at an industrial scale.

We know that your Hallmark Keepsakes are precious. We know because we collect them ourselves. We love them like you do. We are so happy to see some of the 2024 Hallmark Keepsake range that we especially love for our personal taste.

Right now, you can select for wish list Hallmark Keepsakes from the 2024 range that matter to you. You can do this via our website, growing each that will be available. each product page notes the estimated availability time so you can plan this into your buying selection.

The Keepsake story began in 1973 in the United States. Hallmark Cards, already famous for greeting cards, branched out into Christmas decorations. Their first Keepsake line was small, featuring six classic ornaments and a dozen handcrafted yarn figures.

These early Keepsakes captured the imagination of folks who wanted to add a touch of sentimentality to their Christmas decorating. Each ornament became a way to commemorate a special memory, a loved one, or even a significant event of the year.

Over the years, the Keepsake range expanded. Today, there are hundreds of designs to choose from, featuring everything from traditional to pop culture.

The company also embraced new technologies, creating Keepsake ornaments with lights, sounds, and even movement.Sustainability became a focus too, with many ornaments and their packaging now made from recycled materials.

Here in Australia, Hallmark Keepsakes have grown in popularity thanks to our own advocacy work for years, helping more people to embrace collecting these beautiful ornaments.

Our MyOrnaments website is run by newsXpress Pty Ltd, a local Australian family owned and run business. We sincerely appreciate the support that Aussies have shown us as we have cultivated the Hallmark Keepsake collector community here. 

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