Mermen from December Diamonds are a perfect gift for Christmas in Australia.

A merman could be the perfect Christmas gift or anytime gift for a friend, colleague, loved-one or more at Christmas, for a birthday or just because.

A December Diamonds merman is a wonderful piece of art, a gift they will cherish. The fun and whimsey of a December Diamonds merman makes it a unique gift, something to talk about.

Created by the artists at December Diamonds and sold here in Australia at My Ornaments, each merman is something to cherish, hung on the Christmas tree, at work on the desk, on the bedside table or anywhere where you want some love and colour. A December Diamonds merman ornament is something they will remember you for.

We are grateful to have a wonderful range of December Diamonds mermen available here in Australia.

The Merman is a mythical creature that lives in the water. They are mostly solitary creatures, but occasionally will come ashore to mate with humans or on rare occasions, other Mermen. It's not known how they reproduce, as their reproductive organs are hidden inside their body and can only be seen during mating season. Some people say they have the upper torso of a man with fish-like scales for skin and webbed feet, while others say they are half human and half fish.

Also in the December Diamonds range is poke the bear, a fun Christmas ornament that will have everyone who sees it laughing and understanding. This is a very special gift for you know who.

But it is the December Diamonds mermen range that has people loving gift giving leading up to Christmas. They bring a unique happiness and joy to the room. They are truly unique, fun, and happy.

Here at My ornaments, we carefully pack and ship to anywhere in Australia. Your December Diamonds merman is carefully packaged and prepared for the journey to their new home. We take care to make sure it arrives safely, happy and ready to be of service. We will also happily send your merman direct to the person you bought it for, too.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, consider a December Diamonds merman.
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