Why buy your 2024 Hallmark Keepsakes from us?

Why buy your 2024 Hallmark Keepsakes from us?

We are grateful to have been selling Hallmark Keepsakes online here in Australia for many years, longer than Hallmark itself.

Years ago, Hallmark Keepsakes were not all that widely sold in Australia. Hallmark asked us to reach more shoppers, so we did. We built this website and expanded the range, bringing in more Hallmark Keepsakes from the US than Hallmark Australia did. We did this with the blessing and encouragement of Hallmark in Australia and the US.

After building more collectors in Australia and getting a terrific following, we were surprised to see Hallmark setup to sell direct to shoppers in Australia. We felt daunted by this worldwide multi-billion dollar business competing against us in a marketplace we built.

When you buy from us, you buy from an Australian business, a local business, family owned and run. This is a big difference to shopping direct with Hallmark. We thank you for your support.

Your spending with us helps us employ Australians. Any profit we do make stays here, in Australia. We don’t know about you but to us that matters.

We offer here from our website every single Hallmark Keepsake that Hallmark allows us to stock. They have complete control over that. We wish we had a bigger range and frankly we don’t understand why they do not bring a bigger range into Australia. It doesn’t make sense to us because we know of so many Hallmark Keepsake collectors in Australia who do buy direct from Hallmark retailers in the US.

Anyway, it is what it is as they say.

The 2024 Hallmark Keepsake range is not that far away now. We are excited and we know you are too based on the emails we have received at the office.

We promise to keep you updated here and by email. Each of our customers will receive email communication from us one we have firm availability dates.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting our business. www.myornaments.com.au is run by newsXpress Pty Ltd. We have been in business since 2001. We’re based in Hawthorn, Victoria.

We like to think of ourselves as the home of Hallmark Keepsakes in Australia, a place you can trust, as thousands have already.

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